Danie Hattingh Wildlife Artist


About Me

I have been painting professionally for 12 years, and I’m lucky enough to have paintings in almost every country in the world that I know of. I am especially popular with German and French tourists and temporary South African residents. I have paintings in interesting places like Turkey, Morocco and Latvia – which is ironic, because I have never been abroad.

I started my artistic career with the South African Police Service in 1994 (also the year of the first democratic elections in South Africa) where I worked as a forensic artist after a short (but eventful) stint in uniform. Forensic artists do facial reconstructions, skull reconstructions and sketches of wanted persons. I think this was where I got my sometimes obsessive love for detail and accuracy. I learnt a lot about painting and sketching in this time.

I started working in the film industry as a scenic artist in my spare time, and soon realised that working for myself was my true passion. I left the Police Service in 2001 and started painting as well as doing scenic work for television and film. I was soon busy enough with paintings to focus on it full-time and decided to leave the film and television industry with it’s sometimes near-impossible deadlines and time schedules.

I work mainly in acrylic, but I have done a few oils. I prefer acrylic for it’s direct technique, flexibility and speed. Most of my work is realistic wildlife, and I like a surreal atmosphere in my paintings. I love the outdoors and visit our national parks as often as I can.

Most of my work is commissioned.

Shipping can easily be organised and I do my own packaging.

I work from home in Randpark Ridge, just West of Johannesburg and sell my non-commissioned work at Irene Village Market. Feel free to visit every second and last Saturday of the month to see what I have in stock. There is a map to Irene Village Market on my home page.